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Best places to visit in Laos

Setting off on atrip to Laos means discovering a country which redefines serenity: here, the inhabitants exude calmness, you'll rub shoulders with monks among gleaming temples, and you'll enjoy the soothing sights of waterfalls, rivers and verdant mountains. Do be aware, however, that these beauties hide a one-party Socialist political system which imposes a curfew at midnight and a minimum wage of around 100$. The country also plays host to tourists who can be disrespectful, looking to party rather than make the most of the splendour around them. To avoid falling into these traps and to discover every facet of this fascinating country, just follow the advice of the members of the Evaneos community!

With its unusual shape, people generally travel through Laos from North to South or vice versa, before heading into Thailand or Cambodia. On the road, it's possible to stop off at multiple places.

The attraction ofVientiane, the capital of Laos, lies in its many monuments, such as the Pha That Luang or the Patuxai, and in its temples, such as Vat Simuong, Vat Sisakhet or Vat Phra Kèo. However, the city itself isn't very charming or dynamic, so don't spend too much time there. Luang Prabang is much more pleasant. The city is very much in harmony with nature: its temples, found on pretty much every street corner, sparkle with a thousand hues, and the jungle close by contains other marvels (particularly Kuang Si). Finally, another must-see in Laos are its 4,000 islands, located right in the South of the country, strewn across the Mekong. They offer fantastic sights and promise a stay which will guarantee you calm and inner peace.

By now, it should be clear: if you love nature, Laos is the place for you. The Bolovens plateau, not far from the town of Paksé, is absolutely magnificent. You'll definitely enjoy hiking up to it! A few kilometres away you'll find the Champassak province, where you can visit the temples of Vat Phou, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Laos is large country full of beauty, riches and calm. By respecting the country's environment and the history and culture of its inhabitants, you'll guarantee yourself a truly enriching experience.

Silvia Garcia & François Vioud
Thatheng is a small town in the south of Laos which is one of the stopping places on a tour of the Bolaven plateau.

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