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The most important information when travelling in Laos

Laos is not the best-known country in Asia. So here is a brief overview to help you prepare your trip!

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Culture and Discovery

What sort of prices should you expect during your trip to Laos?

Laos is one of the least-known countries in South Asia, eclipsed by its more popular neighbours like Thailand and Cambodia. Up to now, it has not been one of the main ben...
Marie Foucaut28 August 2015

What to watch and read before a holiday in Laos

Here's my recommended reading list and films that will give you a feel for Laotian culture.
Marie Foucaut2 September 2015

What is the situation in Laos today?

A small country wedged between other countries in Southeast Asia, Laos remains a mystery to many of us.
Marie Foucaut29 August 2015

Celebrities in Laos

In this article you will find the names of the most well-known personalities in Laos.
David Debrincat28 August 2015

The Tak Bat ritual in Laos

This article will plunge you into the Tak Bat, one of the most famous and fascinating rituals to observe in Laos.
David Debrincat28 August 2015
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