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Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach (Indonesia)

Practical information on Lovina Beach

  • Family
  • Beach / Seaside Resort
  • River
  • Water Sports
  • Waterfall
2 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
About 2h from Ubud by bus
When to go
From June to September
Minimum stay
1 to 2 days

Reviews of Lovina Beach

Marine Faure Seasoned Traveller
48 written opinions

Lovina Beach is a series of small coastal villages on Bali's north coast.

My suggestion:
Watch a cock fight, Balinese tradition!
My review

Lovina Beach is a collection of several villages in the north of Bali and its beaches of black sand (makes a change from white sand...) stretch for over 7 miles.

In contrast with the beaches on the south coast, I met more families than backpackers in Lovina. I hear though, that it is crowded with tourists in the month of August and filled with Australians during the Christmas holiday.

For sports holiday enthusiasts , I recommend Gitgit waterfall, situated about 6 miles from Lovina. I only went there to see the waterfall, but it is also possible to go canyoning. There are many diving outings in the region, either starting directly from the coast or from little islands that you get to by boat.

Cock fights are the region's specialty, if you can attend one, do not miss the event!

Gitgit Waterfall
Aurélie Chartier Seasoned Traveller
49 written opinions

Lovina is in the north of Bali and tourists go there for the black sand beaches and trips to see the dolphins.

My suggestion:
Get ready to be approached every 5 minutes by travel agencies trying to sell you dolphin viewing or snorkelling trips.
My review

Despite its romantic sounding name, Lovina isn't the most welcoming town in Bali. The locals bother tourists at every turn to try to sell them excursions and hotels charge tourists per person. 

In my opinion the dolphins are an ethical and environmental disaster: at dawn there are dozens of boats trying to show the tourists a few dolphin fins or, at best, a little jump out of the water. If a dolphin is seen, all the boats head towards the poor thing. Personally I was really shocked by the chase.

However, Lovina is an ideal place for doing some snorkelling or diving during atrip to Bali. These excursions are on an island near Java which is considered to be one of the most beautiful aquariums in the world. The prices are lower there than elsewhere. Which as far as I am concerned is Lovina's only good point.

The dolphins at Lovina, Bali, Indonesia
Sunset at Lovina, Bali, Indonesia
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