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Santiago Atitlán

Practical information on Santiago Atitlán

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3 / 5 - One review
How to get there
25-30 mins from Panajachel by motorboat ("lancha")
When to go

All year round

Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Santiago Atitlán

Mikaël Faujour Seasoned Traveller
30 written opinions

A charming village, a tourists' favourite around Lake Atitlan.

My suggestion:
Those who don't have a problem with the folklorisation of native customs will visit the amazing hotel of pagan saint Maximon.
My review

I mainly remember a village consisting of small streets, with numerous craftsmen and restaurants (just as many with local cuisine as international ones owned by foreigners); so many attractions which make it a popular place on a trip to Guatemala. It's also a village where everything costs less than in Panajachel, just like in San Pedro la Laguna, a village which, incidentally, has lots in common with Santiago. 

One of the main "attractions" is the Maximon, a remarkable character from a Catholic-Mayan syncretism, forming the basis of propitiatory worship to obtain its support, to rid certain illnesses, etc.

Tours and travel ideas Santiago Atitlán

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