A family of elephants in Tarangire National park, Tanzania
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Couple en safari cherchant la savane depuis son balcon
Landscape of an african park with baobab, zebras and impala

Go on safari in Tanzania's Tarangire National Park


Tarangire National Park covers more than 1,600 square miles in northeastern Tanzania. Its landscapes and wildlife are among the country's most varied.

Days on safari here might start with watching hundreds of elephants gathering at the river to quench their thirst in the morning, before they're gradually joined by buffaloes, zebras, and antelopes. You'll be able to spot lions and leopards crouching in the grass to stalk their prey, and listen to the songs of some of the 300 bird species soaring overhead.

Plenty of easy hiking trails run through the heart of the park. You can wander beneath palms, acacias, and the savanna's mysterious baobab trees before marveling at the park's red cliffs rising from its arid plains.

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