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Delve into Morocco's mountains and natural pools


Located about 12 miles north of Agadir, Imouzzer is perched at an altitude of 3,900 feet in the High Atlas Mountains. The village is known for its almonds and peppery honey, as well as its waterfalls overlooking natural swimming pools. Make your way to these waterfalls after an hour’s walk through the "valley of paradise’s" forests and mountains.

The cascades, which are dry for part of the year, are especially jaw-dropping during the rainy season. Nestled in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, the Ouzoud Falls are set in a green wadi bordered by steep red sandstone facades. The water flows on three levels from a height of 360 feet and a rainbow often appears over the falls when the sun goes down in the afternoon, resulting in an explosion of colors that make for great photos.

In northern Morocco, the Akchour Waterfalls near Chefchaouen are where you’ll stumble upon turquoise-colored waterfalls to swim in. Nature lovers will be delighted to explore this unique ecosystem as the site’s well-preserved environment has lead UNESCO to hail it a biosphere reserve.

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