Active holiday in Africa - fit sporty young male tourist exploring a beautiful oasis near the Sahara desert with a rented bicycle in Morocco
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Female biker in the High Atlas mountain-range in Morocco
Challenging Mountain Bike Tours in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Mountain bike through Morocco's Atlas Mountains


Looking to uncover Morocco's impressive mountains, all while getting active? Then plan a bike ride through the Atlas Mountains. Enjoy this getaway with the help of guides who know the best trails and can help you cross the more demanding paths. They will also fill you in on the best natural sites, which are perfect for taking a pedaling break.

On your journey, climb winding roads and soak up the scenery as you approach the summit. Once here, enjoy views of the ocher and the pink-colored Atlas Mountains from your handlebars. Then, ride through picturesque villages and spot clay houses. This is the best way to immerse yourself in traditional Morocco, far from its big cities.

While you bivouac and take breaks along the way, enjoy Moroccan specialties prepared by your guides—tea, brioches, cheeses, and delicious tagines will provide all the energy you need for your adventure.

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