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A treat for both the eyes and the palate, Morocco’s typical fare takes you on a historic and cultural journey. Mainly influenced by the Berbers, Moroccan cuisine has evolved over the centuries and is now enjoyed far beyond the country's borders. You can learn more about these classic dishes by sharing a meal with a Moroccan family. Start with the basics and indulge in tajine, pastilla, or baghrirs (popular Berber pancakes).

In Merzouga, and in the Chigaga dunes, our agencies organize traditional dinners around a fire in the desert, which is the perfect place to enjoy bread that the Tuaregs bake under ashes. Dried fruits are widely used in Moroccan cuisine as well. Experience their true flavors by visiting the Zagora palm grove at the end of the year, where you can pick dates from the trees and savor them in an exotic setting.

Have a sweet tooth? Enjoy these dried fruits in the form of almond and date pastries, like makrouts and gazelle horns, while sipping on mint tea.

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