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A popular place for kite surfing in Essaouira

Kitesurf on Morocco’s Atlantic coast


Brimming with sunshine, warm water, and mild winds, Morocco’s Atlantic coast is a kiteboarding paradise. Located in Western Sahara, Dakhla is known for its water sports. The town’s unique desert and seaside setting have made it one of the most popular locations for windsurfers and kitesurfers alike since 2003. Its long beaches are ideal for both beginners and advanced surfers who can try all kinds of tricks in this huge playground.

Contact our local agencies to schedule a lesson. Agadir, Morocco's largest seaside resort, is also a top kiteboarding destination. Its four-mile-long bay offers ideal conditions, especially in spring when visitors are scarce. After your session, enjoy warm water beaches, followed by the city center’s souks.

For a more traditional setting, make a beeline for Essaouira and get lost in its maze of white houses adorned with blue shutters. Then, head to the 18th-century fortifications that surround its medina for endless ocean views and to locate great kitesurfing spots.

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