Couple in love playing with flashlight in Desert Sahara with milky way in background, sky full of stars. Morocco
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Stargazing in the desert
Sunset over the Agafay Desert in Marrakech , Morocco

Stargaze in the Agafay Desert at "Terre des Étoiles"


Located less than an hour from Marrakesh, the white-duned Agafay Desert boasts hidden treasures. Dubbed "the enchanted oasis," it’s the perfect place to cool off, and when night falls, its sandy expanses become a stargazing playground. A local guide will help you discover the best spots, with respect to both the locals and the environment. Enjoy an authentic and nature journey in Terre des Étoiles ecolodge.

Food lovers, spend an evening in a large Berber tent savoring a gourmet dinner. Enjoy traditional cuisine cooked over a wood fire accompanied by a troupe of musicians—you’ll feel like you're at a royal feast. After dark, peer through a telescope with an astronomer who’ll help you decipher the clear sky, far from the city’s light pollution. This expert will bring the myths and legends associated with different constellations to life, which you will be able to see before your very eyes.

Then, get close-up views of moon craters, the rings of Saturn, and a multitude of celestial bodies, along with nebulae, star clusters, and even galaxies.

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