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beautiful color design of spa pool in the summer time
Young woman in hammam or turkish bath

Enjoy the art of Moroccan well-being


The tradition of going to a hammam is central to life in Morocco, so it's an excellent destination for travelers who want to put relaxation at the top of their itinerary. A hammam is especially beneficial if you have been walking or cycling for several days. The increasing heat will dilate your skin’s pores, releasing impurities and relaxing the muscles.

For something a little more unusual, make your way to Merzouga for a sand bath. Release excess water, toxins, and fats from your body while soaking in warm sand for 5 to 20 minutes.

If you want to discover the secrets behind the country's most famous cosmetic products, you can also visit an argan oil producer. Made only in Morocco, this oil rich in Vitamin E quenches dry skin.

Then, visit a black soap factory to uncover one of North Africa’s traditional products, which is used both on the body and in the home.

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