kitchen class in medina
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Moroccan woman adding chickpeas to her tajine pot while preparing dinner during ramadan
Moroccan couscous preparation by hand

Learn all about classic Moroccan cuisine

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Moroccan fare is an important part of the country's cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in thousand-year-old traditions and discover the closely guarded secrets of Morocco’s family recipes. Enjoy this culinary experience from A-to-Z by shopping in a Moroccan market and familiarizing yourself with the spices that make their cuisine so rich. Our local agencies recommend taking a cooking class in Marrakesh.

Learn how to prepare dishes, such as tajine, couscous, and pastilla, alongside locals who will be happy to share their tips. If you’re planning on staying in Morocco during Ramadan, experience the breaking of fast with a Muslim family. This is where you can observe the holiday's customs and learn how to cook harira, a traditional soup made from tomatoes and meat.

Discover the Sahara’s nomadic population’s mint tea preparation ritual for an unforgettable experience. Typically enjoyed in the middle of the desert, this drink’s robust flavors will surely leave you with a lasting impression.

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