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Public transport to get around Croatia

If you are travelling in Croatia, why not get the full experience and use public transport to get around and explore the country. Everything you need to know about public transport in Croatia

Even if you choose to visit Croatia by car, you will need to take public transport at some time or another. Bus, train, plane and boat are the mains forms of transport available to the public in this southern European country.

The most common form of transport is the bus

The bus is a popular form of transport in Croatia. Croatian bus routes cover big towns as well as the more remote small villages. Also, the drivers are kept busy: buses run regularly, and even run at night on certain routes!

It is still the most affordable means of transport and the most widely used. As a result, buses are particularly crowded during the summer season, the many visitors adding to the number of regular transport users in Croatia.

Bus in Croatia

Trains and trams

Croatian trains are comfortable, inexpensive and convenient. Yet, it is also the slowest form of transport. Regular lines run between large cities such as Rijeka, Zagreb and Split. For other big towns and elsewhere, there is the bus.

In Zagreb there are around fifteen tram routes. They run from 4am to midnight.

The plane is an affordable means of transport

The national airline company Croatia Airlines, has domestic routes between large airports in Croatia, namely Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar and Osijek. The prices are quite reasonable.

But overall the plane isn't the most commonly used form of transport to visit Croatia Travelling is more authentic when done by bus or train, which are the forms of transport of choice for locals as well as for visitors.

The boat to visit the surrounding islands

You can cross the sea by boat to visit the islands around Croatia. Several companies share the market and offer different types of crossings: rapid crossings (by caramaran) or by ferry. The first option is mostly used by foot passengers.

To sum up, there are all forms of public transport in Croatia, but some are more popular than others depending on price, availability and convenience.

Schéhérazade Deedarun
13 contributions
Updated 8 April 2016
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