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An update from Evaneos

Travelling alone in Croatia.

Croatia is a safe country and is a very pleasant place for women to travel even for those travelling alone. Ladies, don't be afraid of travelling to this beautiful and welcoming country. No specific risk to report. So visit Croatia without hesitation!

Going out alone in the evening in Croatia.

You can go out alone without fear, in big towns such as Dubrovnik or Zagreb as well as in the smallest villages. As in all countries of course there are unpleasant areas. In your hotel for example ask if there are any precautions you need to take if you intend to return very late and maybe take a taxi rather than walking back. You simply need to use your common sense and be as careful as you would be everywhere else. Hotels, hostels, bars and cafes are places where you can meet and talk to people, both tourists and locals alike.

Drinks in Croatia

If you are going out alone in the evening, be careful about how you dress (sadly, like elsewhere, mentalities have not changed…) and limit your alcohol intake to avoid finding yourself in any difficult situations, as you would do anywhere else in the world and not just in Croatia.

Croatians are quite reserved and tend not to talk in the first instance but once the ice has been broken, they are obliging companions you can count on.

Going to the beach alone in Croatia.

If you are on the beach alone, don't bring too much stuff and even ask someone who looks trustworthy to keep an eye on your things. Most hotels have staff who could possibly look after your personal belongings.

Emmanuelle Bluman
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