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Clara Favini Seasoned Traveller
97 written opinions

The city of Datong, whose name literally means "great unity", is located in Shanxi Province, not far from Beijing.

My review

It is mainly famous as the site of the incredible Yungang Grottoes (Yungang Shiku), which are located around 15 kilometers from the city. These impressive grottoes constitute one of the four most famous sites for Buddhist art in the country. The grottoes number around 250 in total (of which approximately 50 are accessible to the public) and were excavated between 460 and 525 AD. They contain more than 51,000 statues and thus constitute a true masterpiece of Chinese Buddhist cave art.

As well as the Yungang Grottoes, Datong has plenty of other interesting sites to visit, such as the Nine-Dragon Wall, Shanhua Buddhist temple, the Huayan Monastery complex and the Wooden Pagoda of Yingxian. Don't miss the chance to visit the remarkable Mount Hengshan – one of China's five sacred mountains – with its monasteries and spectacular scenery.

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