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Practical information on Hongkeng

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Reviews of Hongkeng

Fanny Dumond Seasoned Traveller
64 written opinions

Hongkeng is a magnificent traditional village in Fujian province, in the south east of China.

My suggestion:
Hongkeng is an ideal base from which to visit the surrounding villages, so allow for a stop of 2 or 3 days.
My review

It is one of the most beautiful examples of a Hakka village, built by the minority who are famous for creating these massive, 3 or 4 storey high, self-enclosed round houses called "Tulou".  

Hongkeng is divided into two parts: the more modern, joined to the road, and the old village which you have to pay to get into. Inside you can discover the secrets of the Tulouhouses, which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. They are meant to house whole clans and can have up to several hundred rooms. If you want an original souvenir then you can spend a night there!

Once you get out of the centre of the town you can feel the hills calling you to go for a walk. The rice paddies and beautiful panoramas lull you into a gentle sleepiness. 

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