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An update from Evaneos

Security in Cambodia

As a country long regarded as being unstable, Cambodia is today a much more developed place, with infrastructure as well as security personnel being present across the country. 

If Cambodia was classified as a dangerous country some years ago, it is no longer the case today! In fact, it is entirely possible to go walking at any hour, day or night, be you in the larger cities or in the countryside. 

The land mines of Cambodia

The vast majority of Cambodia hasbeen de-mined and it is as a result very unlikely that you will encounter a sign warning you of nearby mines. The typical tourist areas, as well as the temples surrounding Angkor, have been subjected to a large de-mining campaign since the 1990s and now no mines remain there. However, it is true that certain isolated villages and some fields have not yet been de-mined, but these are places to which no foreigner has reason to venture. 

Security in the city

Like in every country in the world, you aren't immune to theft or burglary either in your hotel room or in the street. Therefore, it is advised that you do not go out with large amounts of cash on you, but always carry a copy of your passport, just in case. In large cities such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap or Battambang, you need only stay in well-lit areas at night or keep together in a small group to be sure of your safety. As a piece of advice to take away with you nevertheless: the tuk tuk drivers can sometimes have had a bit too much to drink in the evenings, so it would be prudent to choose your driver well! Apart from that there is nothing to be worried about, you can come to Cambodia either with friends or even as a family!

You should also know that, in case of any need, there is a dedicated police department in Siem Reap, Cambodia, who work with tourists. That could help!

Security on the roads 

As you will soon notice during your stay in Cambodia, the highway code simply does not exist there, and cities such as Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are true hives of anarchy on the road! If you hire a bicycle or a motorbike, be extra vigilant and take up some of the local habits: beep your horn whenever necessary to make your presence known!

Phnom Penh at night

Bettina Zourli
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