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The most important information when travelling in Cambodia

There are some essential things you should know before your trip to Cambodia so that your time there is as easy as possible and you enjoy your trip to Cambodia in the best possible conditions.

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Culture and Discovery

Security in Cambodia

Contrary to popular belief, Cambodia is far from being a dangerous country. Nevertheless, like in any country, you should be vigilant and respect local customs. ...
Bettina Zourli7 August 2015

Cambodia - the ideal destination for those on a small budget!

South-East Asia has one of the lowest costs of living in the world. Cambodia is a very popular destination with backpackers. Nevertheless, the country is privileged to of...
Bettina Zourli5 August 2015

Customs in Cambodia

There are not that many restrictions concerning what you can bring back from Cambodia. However, there are some things you should know to avoid problems with your arrival ...
Bettina Zourli5 August 2015

How to get around in Cambodia

Cambodia unfortunately lacks a proper infrastructure, but here you will learn how to get around in the country regardless. 
Bettina Zourli7 August 2015

Cambodia today - between tradition and modernity

Cambodia is a country that is still feeling the after effects of its recent dramatic history - the dictatorship of the Khmer Rouge has left lots of traces. Nowadays, the ...
Bettina Zourli7 August 2015
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