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An update from Evaneos

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Bhutan

Most tourists who choose to discover this part of our planet opt more naturally for destinations such as India, China or Nepal. Going on a trip to Bhutan is not common and you will need to be thorough when preparing your suitcase. Over there, you will not be able to find whatever you forget to take with you.

In Bhutan you will be confronted with high altitudes and thus with a very cold and probably very severe climate. From a dress perspective you will need clothing warm enough to help you withstand the temperatures. You will need to take along heavy jumpers, long sleeved tee-shirts, thick socks, a beanie hat, a scarf and gloves. In Bhutan you will have the opportunity to go on marvellous and splendid hikes. You will absolutely need to take along a sturdy pair of walking shoes.

You will have to give just as much thought to the preparation of your medicine bag. You will of course need the basic medicines to treat the ever possible everyday aches and pains. If you plan to take part in a trek and so climb even higher in altitude, ask your doctor to prescribe medicine for acute mountain sickness . You will most certainly walk a lot. Remember to pack a load of anti-blister plaster in your medicine bag.

Bhutan is as fabulous as it is little known. In going there you will discover an extraordinarily photogenic country . So remember to take along a camera or camcorder as well as enough memory cards. While I hope you never need it, it is best to err on the side of caution and have on you a photocopy of your passeport. If you happen to lose the original, the photocopy will prove very useful for administrative procedures. During you stay you will also need a torch, as power cuts are frequent in Bhutan.

What to pack in your suitcase

  1. An explorer's soul and an open mind to experience a real cultural shock!
  2. A torch in case of power cuts
  3. A camera or camcorder to prove that the Yeti exists
  4. An electronic visa card for withdrawing money
  5. A photocopy of your passport, always useful should the original get lost
  6. Sun screen to protect yourself from sunstroke
  7. A medicine bag for minor cuts and bruises
  8. A good pair of hiking boots for long walks
  9. Mountain equipment for your treks
  10. Warm clothes for freezing temperatures
David Debrincat
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