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An update from Evaneos

Bhutan reveals its treasures to those who pay the price

Going on a trip to Bhutan can seem quite odd when you consider that you will have to pay a set daily charge and that you must be accompanied by a guide .

An expensive trip

Lost on the Asian continent and surrounded by giants like China or India, the country is slowly opening up to tourism . Whilst organising your trip to Bhutan , you will have noticed that it is absolutely impossible to go there without making use of the services of an agency and that once there you will have to be constantly accompanied by a guide. Be careful as regards this, your tour operator has to be recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thimphu in order to organise your stay. Once there you will simply have to pay a daily tax and will not be allowed to deviate from your strictly predetermined programme.

In Bhutan

A few prices

Planning your budget to Bhutan could not be simpler. You will have to pay exactly $250 (£163) per day. This is the set and compulsory tax for travelling on Bhutanese territory. This rate is all inclusive: accommodation, compulsory guide, transportation, meals and visits. It is impossible to step out of this framework. Take note that this price per person applies if you are in a group of several people. If travelling as a couple you will need to add a supplement of $30 (£20) each and if travelling alone the additional sum will amount to $40 (£26) per day. If you are accompanied by a child under 12, he/she will only have to pay $185 (£120) per day. In addition to these fixed expenses, you will have to pay for certain activities like rafting, horse-riding, some shows and tips. Otherwise you only have to multiply by the number of days spent there. Planning your budget precisely could not be easier. If you wish to travel in grand style, you must add to this an extra $250 to $1 500 (£163 to £978) per day.

David Debrincat
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