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Stuck between India and China, Bhutan's geography

In the heart of Asia, curled up between two giants that are China and India, is a fascinating country that awaits but you. . So do not waste a second more and hurry up and depart on a trip to Bhutan .


In coming here for your next holiday, you will discover that a trip to Bhutan constitutes one of the most fascinating destinations you could possibly go to on our beautiful planet. Spared mass tourism and still very exclusive, Bhutan is a country with a surface area of about 18 000 square miles. As a measure of comparison this corresponds to roughly the size of a country like Switzerland. The country's capital is Thimphu .

Right in the heart the Asian continent, Bhutan shares nearly 375 miles of border with India to the south and about 290 miles with China to the north. Completely surrounded by these two gigantic countries, Bhutan is totally landlocked and has no access to the sea. As regards this, be aware, for example, that Bhutan's territory is 100% land and 0% water. This particularity is almost one of a kind on the planet. The immense Himalayan mountain range goes right across the country which counts several peaks above an altitude of 22 960 feet. The highest point is in fact the Kula Kangri which rises to an altitude of 24 773 feet. The rest of the landscape is composed for 70% of forest and also of high plateaus and valleys.

In Bhutan

Fauna and flora

For such a small country, Bhutan shelters a rich and varied fauna . Of the 165 mammal species, you might be lucky enough to see the snow leopard, the golden langur and even pandas. The real animal wealth of Bhutan comes by air as the country accommodates in its sky nearly 800 species of birds.

With 70% of its landscape made up of forests, you will have quickly guessed that the local flora is equally very diversified. As you walk in these wooded regions, your guide will teach you to recognise, amongst the 5500 species of plants, the 300 or so that have medicinal virtues.

David Debrincat
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Updated 3 November 2015
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