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New Zealand

New Zealand, a safe country

In view of the safe environment that applies to both islands, your stay in New Zeaalnd should all work out for the best. In fact, as it is rated as one of the safest countries in the world, New Zealand is a relaxing destination> where travelers quickly learn to feel at home in an untroubled environment.

A New Zealand police officer in Auckland

A very safe country

New Zealand is a country known for its safety and the relaxed attitude of the Kiwis will prove it to you. In fact, some never lock their houses, and others leave the engine running while they get out of the car to go shopping. You will never see a New Zealanders who are fearful to the extent that they hold their bags closer each time they meet someone: in fact, it's quite the opposite, even at night, and you'll find that they are always very laid back. This atmosphere is extremely endearing and you'll quickly notice the absence of distrust.

Of course, it's not a utopia, either.

Even though life is good in New Zealand, as with anywhere in the world there, are, unfortunately problems with theft and assault.

In fact, if you leave your car in a car park while hiking in a remote spot, make sure that you don't leave any valuables in view because cars can be visited and cleaned out.

On the other hand, hitch-hiking is extremely common in New Zealand, even though there have been occasions when it has worked out badly, especially for women traveling alone. Before getting into a car, it is a good idea to note down the license plate and to send it to a friend. Don't worry too much - this kind of thing is very rare!

If you have any kind of problem whatsoever, head for the nearest police station or ask a New Zealander for help - they are always ready to be of assistance and help a traveler out!

Delphine Teisserenc
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