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An update from Evaneos

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Montenegro

If you go to Montenegro in summer, you will no doubt visit the coast and also the mountains in the centre and north of the country. You therefore need to have a good think about what to place in your bag before you leave!

On the coast (Kotor, Budva, etc.), the temperature is usually between 25 and 30°C in summer: so you need light clothing for the beach and the small coastal towns and of course all that goes with this: suntan lotion, hat, swimming suit, sunglasses, etc.

It is a little cooler in the Dinaric Alps but you can still go hiking in shorts. Sports enthusiasts who plan to walk in Durmitor National Park are therefore advised not to forget their hiking boots, water bottle (the water is drinkable) and everything needed to protect themselves from the sun.

Certain areas (especially Skadar lake) are invaded by mosquitoes and other unidentified flying insects, so do take all necessary precautions! Ornithology lovers will remember to take their binoculars to observe the many birds that live in the national park of the same name.

Lastly, aside from the capital Podgorica, there is no big city in Montenegro, so it is preferable to come with everything you need rather than to count on making your purchases on the spot.

To pack in your suitcase:

  1. Beach wear (swimming suit, pareo, flip-flops, etc.)
  2. What you need to protect yourself from the sun: sunglasses, hat and suntan lotion
  3. Hiking boots and appropriate socks
  4. Mosquito repellent
  5. Light clothing for coastal and harbour towns
  6. A jumper or cardigan for the cool mountain evenings
  7. A head light or torch
  8. The indispensable and essential Swiss knife!
  9. A first-aid kit
  10. Shorts and t-shirts that "breathe" for hiking (avoid cotton)
  11. A camera and binoculars to observe the fauna
  12. A water bottle (more ecological than plastic bottles!)
  13. Your prescription if travelling with lots of medicine
  14. A road map and your international driving licence should you wish to hire a car
  15. a notebook and pen to write down your travel impressions
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