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An update from Evaneos

Press and Media: photos, videos, and articles

How can Evaneos help media?

  • Sourcing insider guides and tips: Evaneos is able to source destination guides, travel tips, and tailored advice from its on-the-ground experts around the world
  • Providing holiday packages: The Evaneos team can work with local agents to turn around tailor-made holiday packages quickly to accompany features
  • Profiling the founders: The platform is the product of a young internet start-up. The CEO and GM are both under 35, and are always enthusiastic when it comes to interviews about their company, partnership, and passion for travel!​

National Geographic names Evaneos as a high-tech alternative to guidebooks

Kate Russell of National Geographic knows that travellers are using traditional guidebooks less and less. She names Evaneos' innovative concept of personal, tailor-made itineraries as one of the most exciting waves in the future of trip planning. 

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Daily Mail lists Evaneos as a 'better deal' for crafty travellers

Daily Mail Online writer Fred Mawer breaks down the Evaneos advantage to travelling, explaining to travellers how local agents help them get a better deal and a better experience in far-flung destinations. 

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About Time highlights Evaneos local experts and their favourite places

Part of a continuing series highlighting the advantage to getting an insider's perspective on cities around the world, Evaneos Local Agent Sonia gave About Time all the best local bars, restaurants and sites in Brisbane, Australia. 

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The Independent recommends Evaneos for travel to Iran

With new and cheaper flights making

Wanderlust counts Evaneos Scandinavian tours among the most extroardinary

Evaneos' popular 6-day kayak trip organized by our local agents through fjords of western Norway ranks among Wanderlust editor's top picks for the travellers seeking adventure in the region. 

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Evaneos is named one of the '12 Best Travel Apps and Websites for 2016' by Rough Guides

The list is up, and Rough Guides has awarded Evaneos a spot in '12 of the best travel apps and websites you should use in 2016.' Find out what Rough Guide says about our website here:

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Tech Crunch impressed by Evaneos' latest funding round of $21million

Move over standardised tour packages - after Evaneos' incredible funding round of $21m, we're even keener than ever to bring unique, tailor-made holidays designed by local travel agents to the world over! Find out what Tech Crunch had to say about this amazing investment announcement.  

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Evaneos makes The Guardian's '40 Of The World's Best Cruise Holidays' list

Finding the right cruise isn't easy, so we were thrilled when The Guardian included Evaneos in their list of the world's best cruise holidays. Have a read of their article:   

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Evaneos lands 14th place in France's 'Great Place to Work' 2016

The entire team was extremely proud to announce that Evaneos was placed 14th in the league table for France's 'Great Place to Work' 2016! Here at Evaneos, we do things differently and break the traditional office mould...

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The Sun picks up on Evaneos' $21m funding round

A funding round of $21 million isn't a feat to go unnoticed! The Evaneos name is rapidly growing in popularity on an international scale, so we were happy to see The Sun writing about our company's tremendous achievement!    

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The Sunday Times 'Travel Doctor' prescribes Evaneos as a solution to overpriced tours

We were thrilled that the Sunday Times' 'Travel Doctor' put forward Evaneos as a solution to overpriced tour packages. By cutting out the middleman, we're proud to be promoting the local economies of on-site agents, and for our travellers, local agents means local prices! 

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Three of Evaneos' tours feature in the Mail Online's 'Once In A Lifetime Adventures' list

Setting off on a honeymoon is the best excuse for an exotic trip abroad.The Mail included our customisable tours in Brazil, Costa Rica, and Mongolia in their 2016 list of incredible adventure destinations for newlyweds. Read up on their list:  

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The Metro asks Evaneos' local agent for activity ideas in Laos

When it comes to finding authentic, off-the-beaten-track adventures abroad, there's no one better to ask than our local travel experts! Nick Boulos from The Metro's 'Escape' section approached Evaneos to ask for some incredible holiday ideas in Laos.

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EN Magazine features Evaneos' top 10 adventure destinations for the summer

Greenland, Australia, Peru, Mongolia, Iran, South Korea, India, Costa Rica, Botswana, Brazil - ten incredible destinations to set your sights on this summer!    

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Dad Info lists Evaneos' '10 Hot Adventure Destinations For 2016'

Greenland, Peru, Australia, Mongolia, South Korea, Iran, India, Botswana, Costa Rica, and Brazil - ten incredible destinations to consider when planning your travels for 2016, all reachable via Evaneos Travel! Read up on Dad Info's list, including a selection of our tour suggestions, and get your travel inspiration flowing!

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Evaneos' CEO gives a presentation on Sustainable and Eco-Tourism at the ITB Berlin 2016

Breaking Travel News and Hospitality Times were happy to share that Evaneos' CEO and co-founder, Eric La Bonnardière, had been asked to make a speech on Responsible Travel and Sustainable Tourism at this year's ITB Berlin!

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The Daily Express interviews Evaneos' local agent in South Korea about one of Asia's most incredible hidden gems

As the list of '2016's Top Holiday Destinations' is updated with exotic new entries, you might be surprised to read that South Korea provides a fantastic alternative to Europe! The Daily Express got in touch with Evaneos Travel's local agent in South Korea, to find out about one of Asia's most unknown, but beautiful countries!  

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The Irish Independent includes Evaneos in its '50 Fab Holidays' list

With the Olympics approaching, it's no surprise that Brazil has been named a hot destination for summer. We were excited that the Irish Independent picked one of Evaneos' Brazil trip itineraries for their '50 Fab Holidays' list! 

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The Daily Star's 'Insider Guide To' gets Evaneos' local agent's top ten things to do in Barcelona

As part of a series of 'Insider Guides To,' The Daily Star asked Ana, Evaneos' local expert in Spain, about the top ten must-sees for anyone travelling to Barcelona. From paella to Gaudi, markets to boat trips, read up on Ana's list:

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The Daily Star's 'Insider Guide To' gets Evaneos' local agent's top twelve things to do in Mexico

As part of a series of 'Insider Guides To,' The Daily Star asked Sonia, Evaneos' local expert in Mexico, about the top twelve must-sees for anyone travelling to Mexico. Read up on Sonia's list below:

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The Daily Star's 'Insider Guide To' gets Evaneos' local agent's top ten things to do in Brazil

As part of a series of 'Insider Guides To,' The Daily Star asked Bruno, Evaneos' local expert in Brazil, about the top ten must-sees for anyone travelling to Brazil. Read up on Bruno's list below:

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The Daily Star's 'Insider Guide To' gets Evaneos' local agent's top ten things to do in Venice

As part of a series of 'Insider Guides To,' The Daily Star asked Marianna, Evaneos' local expert in Venice, about the top ten must-sees for anyone travelling to Venice. Read up on Marianna's list below:

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Sharknova names Evaneos one of 2016's 'Best Travel Apps And Websites'

Impressed with our platform that connects travellers with local, on-site travel agents, Sharknova included Evaneos in its list of 'Best Travel Apps & Websites of 2016.' With our handy i.O.S coming soon to iTunes, the entire site will also be available from your mobile in no time! 

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Startup Empire interviews Evaneos' CEO about the story and the faces behind the company

Six years since the initial launch of Evaneos in France, the company has come a long way. Startup Empire got in touch to interview Evaneos' CEO, Eric la Bonnardière, about Evaneos' journey from 2009 to 2016! 

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Travel Daily interviews Evaneos' CEO

On 21st December 2015, Travel Daily UK asked Evaneos' co-founder and CEO some questions to gain an insight into the company revolutionising the travel industry!

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Travel Mole interviews Evaneos' CEO about the company's UK launch

On 6th January 2016, Travel Mole, an online community for the Travel and Tourism Industry, interviewed Eric la Bonnardière about the launch of Evaneos Travel in the UK.

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Evaneos wins a Fast 50 Technology Award 2015 from Deloitte

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe is a programme that recognises and profiles the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in the region. The entire Evaneos team is thrilled to have won one of these prestigious awards!

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Evaneos' tech team participates in the Forum PHP 2015

On November 23rd, our talented team of web developers and programmers, including Yvan Wibaux, Evaneos' co-founder, were asked to give a company presentation at the Forum PHP Workshop in Paris!

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Evaneos' CEO wins a Young Entrepreneur Award 2015 from BNP Paribas

We're pleased to announce that Evaneos' CEO, Eric La Bonnardière, was selected for a BNP Paribas Young Entrepreneur Award 2015, for the region of Ile-de-France. The award was given in the 'Services' category, after the judges were impressed by the Evaneos concept of putting travellers directly in touch with local, on-the-ground travel agents.

Evaneos wins a Travel d'Or Award for Best Travel Website, 2014

In 2014, Evaneos' collective French, Italian, German, and Spanish websites, won a Travel d'Or Award for the Best Online Travel Website! A year on, and Evaneos Travel, our UK website, is up and ready to follow their suit.

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