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An update from Evaneos

Travel to Indonesia in spite of your disability

Indonesia is so far removed from our culture that just being there is worth the trip. A great adventure awaits you on this exotic archipelago. Are you ready? Let's go!

It will certainly be difficult to access all the sites during your trip to Indonesia, but enjoying the daily sights in the streets or spending time with locals in a little restaurant are simple, yet magical moments that you'll never forget.

Indonesia isn't an easily accessible country and it can be difficult to travel there in a wheelchair, but with a good guide, it is possible.

The superb beaches of Bali


When it comes to getting around, although ground transportation may be more accessible, I don't necessarily recommend it as it's often jam-packed and unsuitable for person with disabilities. However, it's easy to travel by plane in Indonesia. Sometimes, it's only a little more expensive than taking the bus, which makes things a lot easier. Otherwise, hiring a personal driver is an excellent way to enjoy the company of a local guide, taking your time, stopping wherever you think is a good place and truly savouring the landscape.

Relaxing Vacations

If you'd rather go on a vacation than a trip, there's a Club Med in Bali with disabled-friendly fittings. The island of Bali is the land of relaxation and peace of mind. However, if you want to know the island in its entirety, it'll be difficult as it features a lot of steps and high, uneven sidewalks.

After having read several articles on travellers with disabilities, I've come to the conclusion that anything is possible with determination and preparation. So there's no need to abandon your plans to travel to Indonesia. It's a sizeable personal challenge which you'll certainly never forget.

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