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Diskit (India)

Practical information on Diskit

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5 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
15hrs by bus from Manali
When to go
Minimum stay
Half a day

Reviews of Diskit

Lorette Vinet Seasoned Traveller
59 written opinions

At the final stage of our 'Royal Enfield' road trip, we found ourselves in the Nubra Valley. We couldn't go any further as there were military restrictions in place. Diskit is home to a magnificent monastery, which sits above the village and is typically Ladakhi in style.

My suggestion:
You'll hear about the sand dunes and camels at Hunder, 10km away; an exciting prospect to smile about. And what's more, it's true, there are dunes! When you see such incredible sights, you'll think you're in another world.
My review

At first, all we planned to do was photograph and draw the temple. But when we heard about the dunes it was just too tempting, as they're not a sight you see everyday. As we arrived late, and as there was less to do than in bigger towns, we decided to go to bed early and get up at dawn to enjoy the early morning light. We walked along the dunes, amazed by the perfect reflections of the mountains on little pools of water that dot the landscape.

And when sunset came, it bathed the mountain peaks with grays and pinks. One of the most beautiful moments during my trip to India. The enormity of the surroundings makes you feel like a tiny, little speck of dust.

View of Diskit, a hillside town!
Julie Olagnol Seasoned Traveller
145 written opinions

Diskit is one of the main stop-off points of the Nubra Valley, North of Leh. The enormous, coloured Buddha looking over the Valley.

My suggestion:
Ideally, spend three days in the Nubra Valley to make successive stops at Diskit, Hunder and Turtuk.
My review

Diskit is located at the point where the river splits in two. On the lower branch of the river, which goes up to Turktuk on the Pakistani border, is, in my opinion, more interesting than the warm water sources of Panamik.

You must drive to the top of Diskit to see the two remarkable monuments. The picturesque Gompa is located in the village of Old Diskit. Then stop for a photo with the giant 32 metre high Buddha. Almost as tall as the Christ the Redeemer in Rio! It's difficult to do better during a trip to India.

From the platform, you will have a magnificent view over the entire valley. The branch of the river is dry, there is vegetation in the middle of the desert and permanent snow in the Himalayas. For mountain lovers like me, you reach new heights (you can say that again).

The enormous statue in Diskit
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