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Jodhpur (India)

Practical information on Jodhpur

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4 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
A 12 hour train ride from Delhi
When to go
From October to March
Minimum stay
1 to 2 days

Reviews of Jodhpur

Emilie Couillard Seasoned Traveller
117 written opinions

Jodhpur, also known as the "blue city", or even the "city of the sun," basks in sunny weather all year long. A destination with a rich history, that is still obvious today.

My suggestion:
I really liked my visit to Mehrangarh fort. It's one of the most imposing forts in Rajasthan, if not the largest. The visit there is very interesting. In addition, since the fort was built up high, the views of the city are astounding.
My review

The city of Jodhpur is the second largest in Rajasthan. This city was built on the edge of the Thar Desert and is home to beautiful bluish colored buildings. After reading about the destination in my guide, I was a little disappointed that I didn't see the "blue city" like shown in the pictures in the guide. In fact, the bluish-colored buildings are mainly located in the historical part of the city.

A trip to India is incredible from all viewpoints. A walk in Jodhpur's streets allowed me to discover vendors with products that were completely unknown to me, women in colorful saris, all kinds of manufacturers, etc. I particularly liked my visit to the market at the entrance to the city. I was able to buy some very inexpensive second-hand saris!

Simon Hoffmann Seasoned Traveller
185 written opinions

Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan. Known as the "Blue City", it gets its nickname from the color of most of its houses.

My suggestion:
For incredible views over the city and its surroundings, climb up to Mehrangarh Fort; the panorama their is splendid. When it comes to taking beautiful photos, the best light is at sunrise and sunset. Grab your cameras!
My review

Jodhpur is a wonderful city ; not only is the blue of its houses particularly beautiful and calming, but the city has a large number of things to see, including the incredible Mehrangarh Fort that dominates the landscape. There are numerous palaces located within the fort, each richly decorated and just as beautiful as the next, as well as a museum where you can learn how the Maharajas used to live back in the day; it's easy to see they had little to complain about!

Jodhpur is also home to a large number of especially majestic buildings, such as the Jaswant Thada Mausoleum, constructed from white marble, and the Ghant Ghar clock tower next to Sadar Market. And finally, it also has a large number of temples. If you like luxury travel, treat yourself to a stay at accommodation fit for a Maharaja.

Nina Montagné Seasoned Traveller
153 written opinions

Jodhpur, or the blue city of Rajasthan. 

My suggestion:
Lose yourself in the labyrinthine alleyways of the ancient blue city.
My review

Rajasthan is the most visited region of India and one of the most beautiful, with its ancient palaces of the Maharajahs, its fortresses, its colors, and its inhabitants with their amazing traditional costumes. Jodhpuris Rajasthan's second city, known for its blue coloring. 

When I arrived in the new, modern city, with its wide avenues, I wondered where this blue city was that I'd heard so much about! In fact, Jodhpur has two distinct faces. Once you enter the old city, you can't fail to be spellbound by the atmosphere and the amazing shades of blue which cover every facade.

I remember buying fabulous jewelry in the little shops in the old city. The jewelers of Jodhpur are very famous and make unique designs, inspired by gypsy jewelry. Remember, as is often the case when traveling in India, you need plenty of patience for haggling over prices!

Tours and travel ideas Jodhpur

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