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An update from Evaneos

The importance of religion in Georgia

During your trip to Georgia you are bound to notice that there are a lot of different religions in the country. Georgia is also a model of religious tolerance because the different communities live in peace.

The different religions

You will quickly notice during your trip to Georgia that there are lots of religions in the country. As well as the well known religions, there are others that are rarer, or even unique. What is marvellous, and all too rare, is that all the different religious groups live together peacefully and without conflict. In this matter Georgia is a model and should serve as an example to a lot of other countries in the world. Since the beginning, Georgia has been a country that welcomes lots of different communities. So if you are wandering about in the capital Tbilisi, in the same area, and sometimes even in the same street, you'll see a mosque next to a synagogue, not far from a Catholic or Orthodox church. All the different religions get along just fine. The country has never had any problems or religious conflicts and Western and Orthodox Christians, Jews, Muslims and others live together quite happily.

In Georgia

The Georgian Church

Since the 4th century the official state religion in Georgia has been Christianity. Today the Head of the Church in Georgia is the Catholicus-Patriarch Mtskheta-Tbilissi Ilia II. He is the figurehead of the some 5,000 churches across Georgia. Nowadays the Church plays an important, even primordial role in Georgian life and society. The country sees the Church as the image or representation of national culture and the State. It is obvious that it plays a role that is more than just religious. A lot of people even consider that the Georgian Church is the main pillar of national unity.

David Debrincat
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