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An update from Evaneos

Budget for a trip to Georgia

As this is one of the world's poorest countries – and as you'll discover for yourself during your trip to Georgia – it's also a pretty cheap destination to visit.

A bargain trip

OK, so you've decided to visit Georgia, which means you've opted for a budget destination. However, you'll almost certainly discover that some things can quickly get very expensive once you're in the country.

This is particularly true where accommodation is concerned. There is a serious lack of hotel infrastructure in Georgia, especially when it comes to the higher end category. You'll have less trouble finding cheaper accommodation, though this tends to offer very basic levels of comfort, indeed very little comfort at all even in some cases. In fact, to find acceptably decent levels of comfort, you'll have to step through the doors of one of the few top international hotels in the country. Prices at these are much higher.

Eating is also easy on a budget in Georgia. However, be careful if you decide to buy your own food at a supermarket: you'll discover that due to the high prices charged for imported food products, it can often work out cheaper to eat at a restaurant.

In Georgia

Some example prices

There is a chance you won't be able to find accommodation offering very good levels of comfort when you visit Georgia. However, bear in mind that a night in a double room for two people will likely only cost around 43 Georgian lari (£12). If you want slightly better levels of comfort, you will need to pay between 64 and160 lari (£17.50 to £44). Do be aware, however, that the standard of accommodation you get at these prices will still be far removed from what you would expect from quality accommodation in Europe. In fact, to get something as close as possible to that, you will have little choice other than to stay at one of the luxury hotels owned by a major international chain. A night in one of these will set you back at least 320 lari (£88).

When it comes to eating, it will cost you significantly less to visit a restaurant than it will to make your meal yourself from items purchased in a local supermarket, where prices for all imported products are prohibitively high. You'll find you can get a reasonably satisfying meal for less than 2.40 laris (70p) in Georgia. Even at the country's best restaurants you'll be able to eat very well without breaking the bank. An entire meal normally costs around 24 lari (£6.50).

David Debrincat
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