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View of Akihabara Electric Town
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Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan
Cosplay housemaid walking on street in Akihabara, the most famous cosplay-culture city in Japan and also in the world

Immerse yourself in Japanese pop culture in Tokyo


Kawaii is more than just a trend in Japan; it's a lifestyle. As you meander through Tokyo's coolest districts, you'll see Japanese pop culture in full force. Those in search of cat-ear headbands and neon accessories will find everything they need in the capital's vibrant and colorful Harajuku district.

Decked out in your new gear, you can head to the Shibuya district to get some cute snaps in a photo booth, known in Japan as aspurikura. Of course, you can't leave Tokyo without a night of karaoke: you can find karaoke clubs throughout the city for a sing-along with your friends.

The future awaits in Akihabara, the electronics district. Here, video game fans can spot larger-than-life cosplay characters and new technological gems. Wrap up your day with an evening at Shinjuku's Robot Restaurant, a wacky venue where you can watch a robot show set to electronic music.

If you were obsessed with Pokémon as a kid, there's fun for the whole family at the Pokémon Center Mega theme park, a Japanese pop culture temple offering both stuffed animals and life-sized Pokémon statues.

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