Fuji Mountain,Kawaguchi Lake View,Japan
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People hiking at Mt.Fuji
Mt. Fuji en été, Japon

Climb Japan's iconic Mount Fuji


Whether you're climbing Mount Fuji for the athletic challenge, as a spiritual experience, or simply to take beautiful pictures, this excursion is sure to be a highlight of your time in Japan. This volcano, whose peak is always dusted with snow, is the highest point in the country, rising to 12,388 feet. You can climb to the summit from early July to mid-September on several trails that lead to the top. Choose the one that best suits your ability, depending on how many pauses you want to take and what you want to see on the way.

The Yoshida trail, for example, leads you past several temples and shrines, adding a spiritual aspect to your journey. Once you reach the top, don't skip the trail that wraps around the crater: you'll be rewarded with fascinating lunar landscapes and unique temples along the nearly 2.5-mile path.

Mount Fuji is also a special treat for savvy astronomers and fans of beautiful sunrises. For a peaceful view of the stars, take advantage of the volcano's location, far removed from the city lights, to admire the night sky. If you want to see the sunrise from the top of the mountain, you'll have set off while it's still dark. The seemingly endless panorama over the horizon is truly worth it.

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