Girl sports training early in the morning.Photo from Istockalypse Kyoto 2016
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Nijubashi over the Nijubahi-bori at sunset, Kokyogaien National Gardens , Imperial Palace Tokyo. One of Japan's most well known bridges. with Palace in background.
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Jog through Japan's parks and gardens


Not the type who travels without your workout gear? Japan is the perfect destination for runners. Running has become popular here ever since the beginning of the Tokyo marathon. Whether you're trying to stay in shape or training for the big marathon on Miyajima island, you can discover Japan at a brisk pace.

Tokyo, the capital, is full of places to run. You can race between nature and modernity, passing beneath Shinjuku's skyscrapers and through Japanese gardens. Set off on a quest for tradition in the early morning by heading to the Imperial Palace at dawn, or visit the Harajuku district to spend a moment in the Meiji-Jingu sanctuary before exploring Yoyogi park.

Kyoto, however, is the best destination for joggers. The former capital offers a blend of culture and nature, with an array of districts and sights where you can pause to catch your breath. Visit Arashiyama to see the monumental bamboos and blooming cherry trees. A morning jog around Kyoto is an excellent opportunity to see the many temples in the historic districts. A little outside of town, a run around Lake Biwa allows you to explore one of the oldest lakes in the world.

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