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Japanese couple at red Torii gate of Hakone shrine located on lake Ashi, Japan. Gateways entrance to Shinto shrines and famous tourist landmark
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Hot spring vents at Owakudani valley at Hakone in Japan
Shiraito waterfall near Mt. Fuji in Fujinomiya Prefecture, Japan

Visit the Hakone active volcanic zone and its surroundings


Just one hour from Tokyo, the Hakone active volcanic zone is a popular travel destination. It's located in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, whose mountains offer some of the best hiking trails in Japan. For epic views of the surrounding landscape, take a boat tour of the majestic Lake Ashi and contemplate the reflections of Mount Fuji that form on the water.

If you'd rather stay on solid land, visit the Hakone-jinja Shinto shrine, whose red torii roof can be seen from the lake. The hike up to the building, which is tucked away in a cedar forest, is a spiritual and relaxing experience. To savor this moment of serenity for a little longer, we recommend a soak in the volcanic hot springs.

In this region, art and nature co-exist, as you'll see at the Chokoku no Mori open-air museum. Here, you can stroll through a collection of sculptures by artists such as Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore, and Niki de Saint-Phalle. For an immersive stay, spend the night in a traditional ryokan and taste Owakudani black eggs, which are cooked in the hot springs around Hakone.

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