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Student sumo wrestler
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Silhouette of an elderly man watching sumo wrestlers standing in a ceremonial ring
Sumo (sport traditionnel japonais)

Watch impressive sumo fighters in Japan


This Japanese combat sport is famous the world over, but sumo is also a lifestyle, and one of the pillars of Japanese culture. When you watch the official honbasho tournaments that take place every two months, you'll be amazed by the wrestlers' physical strength.

The most exciting match is between two yokozuna wrestlers who have achieved the highest rank in sumo. For a more in-depth sumo experience outside of these official tournaments, consider visiting their training gyms in Tokyo. Ask your local Evaneos agency to add this adventure to your travel plans.

Watching a sumo training session is a great way to get a closer look at these very technical matches. You can learn more about the daily lives of the fighters and the strict hierarchy in their training quarters, where the youngest members serve the more experienced wrestlers.

For a chance to taste the typical dishes eaten by sumo wrestlers, visit any of the many restaurants owned by former wrestlers in Tokyo's Ryogoku district. Make sure to try the wrestlers' staple meal, chanko nabe, a hearty soup that is simmered in a pot of vegetables, tofu, and chicken.

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