01 Cape gannets feeding on a sardine bait ball during the annual sardine run, east coast South Africa
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03  sardines in South Africa
02 A dolphin and sardines in South Africa

Watch the Sardine Run along South Africa's eastern coast

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Marine animals are one of South Africa's greatest natural treasures, and one of its most unique phenomenons is the annual "Sardine Run" (sardine migration), which takes place between June and July. This natural spectacle is a unique experience for lovers of ocean life. Millions of sardines swim up the length of the Eastern coast, between Cape Agulhas to the shores of Durban, in the province of Kwazulu-Natal.

Upon leaving Port Saint Johns or Port Elizabeth, take a boat out onto the ocean to watch the event. You might also catch a glimpse of some of the predators who follow this migration: whales, dolphins, sharks, and birds.

Experienced scuba divers (level 2 is recommended) can venture into the midst of the shoals and the whirlpools that are formed by the millions of fish—a thrilling experience you're unlikely ever to forget.

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