01 Vineyards vines & fruit farming in the Elgin region western Cape South Africa
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03 Single King Protea, (Protea cynaroides) with green leaves, against natural blurred green background. Elgin Ridge, South Africa
02 Two horses, one white, one brown, stand in front of a stunning apple farm and mountain landscape by the stables early in the morning

Sink your teeth into Elgin Valley's apples

ActiveSouth Africa

An hour east by car of Cape Town, you'll find the Elgin Valley, also known as the "apple valley" for its many apple orchards.

Here, nestled among the green hills and mountains, nearly 150 orchards are open to visitors, allowing you to meet the farmers, learn from their expertise, and taste local products.

Elgin Valley is a prime location for outdoor activities like canopy tours and mountain biking, both of which are great ways to explore the many trails that wind through Drakenstein's mountains and valleys.

There's also a unique experience here for nature lovers looking to spend the night in the heart of Elgin Valley: Old Mac Daddy rents decked-out airstream trailers, a quirky way to immerse yourself in the area. Ask your Evaneos agent about booking this experience for you.

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