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Kosi Bay
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Kosi Bay
Kosi Bay

Relax on the shores of Kosi Bay

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Welcome to Kosi Bay. Kosi Bay sits in the heart of iSimangaliso Wetland Park, in the north of the Kwazulu-Natal province. Combining an untamed coastline, a nature reserve with lush plant life, and four lakes surrounded by remote beaches on the edge of the Indian Ocean, this national park is a paradise not to be missed.

Nature enthusiasts and animal lovers are bound to fall in love with Kosi Bay's four lakes, which are perfect for snorkeling. Enter at the mouth of the estuary or via the Black Rock, Mabibi, and Lalanek beaches to see a wide variety of fish and corals. We recommend wearing closed-toe shoes when snorkeling to avoid any chance of being stung.

Set off on any of Kosi Bay's hiking trails that wind through the nature reserve. A guide can help you uncover the park's secrets and tell you more about the local plants, birds, and the region's other animals like ospreys, cormorants, monkeys and more.

If you'd rather be on the water, board a boat or climb into a canoe or kayak to explore Siyadla and Amanzinyama lakes. These places are unique in South Africa, boasting five types of mangroves and over 300 species of birds. You might even be able to spot hippopotamuses and crocodiles swimming at the surface of the water.

Kosi Bay beach is ideal both for relaxing and for watching the sea turtles who lay their eggs on the shore or in the middle of Bhanga Nek between November and February. You'll need a 4x4 and an entrance permit to access the beach, both of which you can obtain at either of the two main entrances: Kosi Bay Mouth or Kosi Bay Camp.

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