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An update from Evaneos

Puerto López and whale watching

If you're on holiday in Ecuador between June and September, head to Puerto López. A charming Pacific Coast town, this is where you can see the greatest show of them all - the mighty humpback whales.

Puerto López

4 hours from the urban chaos of Guayaquil, Puerto López is a charming, enjoyable Pacific Coast resort. Just take a stroll along the seafront and see for yourself - Puerto López is a town that gazes out to sea. Its anchor-shaped beach is gorgeous and you can easily pass a morning watching the fishing boats come in, accompanied by flocks of birds looking for a free meal. It's a spectacular if not Hitchcockian sight.

Fishermen hurry up the beach with crates full of fish, ferrying their catch between their boats and waiting lorries. And all the while they're bombarded by hungry frigatebirds, urubus and pelicans. The birds are expert hunters, performing fly-by's to swiftly plunder fish. It's really quite something! If you do decide to enjoy the show from the beach, don't forget to cover your head. I think you know the reason why!

In addition to visiting the lsla de la Plata or 'Poor Man's Galapagos', Puerto López is also the place to go whale watching.

Fishing boats returning to shore

Whale watching

Every year, between June and September the seas off Puerto López welcome a hefty visitor. Humpback whales, who arrive in droves for the breeding season. They give birth, mate, head off and return the following year to begin a new cycle. So, if you're whale watching here, you may well also spot calves!

It's a stunning and incredibly moving experience. As soon as the captain of the leading boat spies one, he'll speed off in that direction. And all you have to do is follow behind to spot a fin, a tail or, if you're lucky, watch a full acrobatic display! Even if it's not the first time you've been whale watching, it's different every time and it never leaves you indifferent.

If you suffer from sea sickness, be forewarned. The Pacific Ocean requires good sea legs. It can be a bumpy, stomach churning ride. During a trip to Ecuador. Puerto López is the perfect place to enjoy the west coast and its unforgettable sights.

David Debrincat
459 contributions