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Costa Rica

Safety in Costa Rica

In comparison with other countries in the region, during your trip to Costa Rica you will notice that you feel a bit safer here. But be careful, that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to the basic rules for protecting yourself.

The dangers

Without getting too worked up about it, although it's not the safest country in the world, a trip to Costa Rica is generally less dangerous than one to its neighbours in this region of Central America. Like everywhere else in the world there are some people who are less honest than others in Costa Rica.

You will particularly find thieves in certain areas of big towns, transport and tourist sites. Which is also the favourite area for pickpockets.. There are certain areas that are not really safe during the day and once night falls you are more likely to be attacked in general.

You'll only increase the danger if you take drugs, soft or hard.

And women will always be chatted up.

Be careful on the roads if you are driving as the highway code is frequently ignored and fines are high.

Also be aware that it is better not to get involved in discussions about politics.

In Costa Rica

How to avoid them

Like every country in the world the simple, general rule in Costa Rica is try not to look too much like a tourist. So don't wear a bum bag, carry your camera around your neck and have your wallet poking out of your back pocket. Pay attention to your bags and baggage while you are travelling on public transport.

If you are mugged then do not fight back and never try to be a hero. Just give them whatever they ask for and stay as calm as possible. A good tip is never to keep all your money in the same place. Put it in lots of different places and always have just enough somewhere obvious to satisfy a thief.

When it comes to drugs the only possible advice is to stay as far away as possible.

Women who feel threatened by a man coming on too strong should just let anyone else in the street know it. There will always be someone ready to help.

Although it may be interesting to join in animated discussions about football you should never offer opinions about anything to do with politics.

David Debrincat
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