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What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Spain

Spain is a country with several hundred miles of coastline, both on its Atlantic side and its Mediterranean side. The Spanish seaside is therefore the perfect destination for a sunny holiday, and definitely one of the essential places to visit during your trip to the country! And of course, sunshine means sun cream! The Spanish coast is actually quite open and exposed, making it easy to get sunburnt relatively quickly. Including an after sun treatment and a moisturising cream in your luggage certainly won't be overdoing things. However, beaches also mean bathing, boat trips and wildlife spotting. So don't forget to take trunks/a swimming costume and snorkelling equipment etc. 

That said, you can find everything you need in Spain, and you can get many of the same products there as you can in the UK. There is therefore no need to pack too much; you'll be able to go shopping once you get there, and you'll often find things at lower prices than in the UK, depending on the product.

So, if you are planning to take your holidays in summer, between June and September, make it a priority to take light clothing and beach accessories. However, there is also plenty for nature lovers to do in Spain, and for those who enjoy visiting cultural attractions. It is therefore advisable to take some good quality footwear with you as well. And don't forget your camera: Spain has some wonderful landscapes, monuments and highly characteristic, original architecture to photograph. 

If you're visiting the country out of season, be sure to take protective clothing: winters can be harsh in the countryside, and the wind blows very strongly in coastal areas. It rains a lot in the north of the country, and even though the weather is drier in the south, it does get quite chilly there! A pullover could therefore come in useful. 

Spain is the ideal, easy-to-get-to destination for a sunny foreign holiday, but it's a good idea to carefully consider what to take with you in your suitcase before you set off!

  1. A waterproof bag for the beach and for any boat trips you might go on or canoeing/pedaloeing you may do
  2. For women, a hair product offering protection from the drying effects of the sun
  3. An after sun treatment to prevent red skin
  4. A diving mask and snorkel, especially if heading to the Mediterranean coast
  5. A first aid kit containing the usual essentials, even if you can actually get everything in Spain once there
  6. Sunglasses offering a decent level of UV protection
  7. A light beach towel for unplanned bathing sessions
  8. Some good footwear too, so you can visit monuments and buildings and go for hikes
  9. Flip-flops: you'll find these invaluable for walking around in when in Spain
  10. You currently just need a valid UK passport to enter Spain if you are a British Citizen or a British Subject with Right of Abode in the United Kingdom (source: UK Government website)
  11. Light clothing in summer: it stays fine and warm all day long at this time of year in Spain!
  12. Trunks/a swimming costume so you can make the most of the wonderful Spanish coast!
  13. Sun cream with a high protection rating
Bettina Zourli
66 contributions