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An update from Evaneos

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Poland

A highly prized destination for its historic towns as well as its natural charms, Poland's touristic offer is quite extensive. You must therefore plan your baggage in consequence!

Be aware that in summer temperatures can easily climb to 35°C and that in the absence of a sea breeze, the heaviness can quickly become bothersome. Moreover, the days are often punctuated by violent storms, so an item of rain proof clothing is a must.

In winter on the other hand, the thermometer regularly drops below 0°C and it snows often. So do come equipped with at least the vital minimum especially if you are thinking of going up and down the snowed up streets of Warsaw, Cracow or Wroclaw or if you are heading out to the mountains.

If you plan to go out to the theater, the opera or to certain posh restaurants in Poland's biggest cities, be aware that the dress code is usually quite formal. Not that you will be refused entry if you arrive in jeans and sneakers, but you could simply feel a little out of step with the crowds in suit and tie and evening dress.

If you plan to venture into the countryside or the Polish mountains, be sure to go well-equipped. A good pair of hiking boots come warmly recommended whilst in summer, anti-insect and mostiquito sprays and creams are strongly advised. Moreover, Poland is swarming with ticks, so do prefer clothes that cover your arms and legs when you go out walking in the forest.

Lastly, remember to take along a few tablets of paracetamol or aspirin, as Polish nights can be quite heavily washed down with drink this could be your saving grace from the awful post-Polish vodka hangover!

Here is a list of things to think about taking when you pack your bags for a trip to Poland:

  1. Suntan lotion
  2. A first aid kit
  3. An umbrella, always handy, to protect yourself from the rain or... the sun
  4. A few books or some music to while away time on the long train rides
  5. A bottle of disinfectant solution for the hands
  6. Rain clothes such as a raincoat or a poncho
  7. A small English-Polish dictionary or a lexicon with simple phrases.
  8. A notebook for taking down your impressions
  9. a head lamp or pocket torch if you are going to the countryside
  10. A camera, as well as a spare memory card
  11. Comfortable walking shoes
Timothée D.
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