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Namibia is a fantastic destination for families, with plenty of activities for everyone from toddlers to teenagers, and parents, of course. The country is a safe destination and well-suited for self-drive adventures, making this an ideal place in Africa to visit with children.

What makes Namibia a great destination for families?

Namibia is home to a large array of exciting wildlife and a range of family-friendly activities. It offers the opportunity for fun beach breaks, educational wildlife holidays or family adventures in the desert. You might want to try sand boarding, climbing the towering sand dunes, or a safari that the whole family will enjoy. 

Best things to do in Namibia with kids

A family vacation in Namibia can be filled with as much adventure or relaxation as you please, so here are our top picks for family activities. 

See sand everywhere in Swakopmund

The city of Swakopmund is sandwiched between the powerful Atlantic Ocean and the vast, ancient Namib Desert. From here, take the kids in a small plane to fly high above the sand dunes and then along the coast, where you’ll spot zebras roaming on the sands and see shipwrecks engulfed by the land.

Have wild adventures in Etosha National Park 

By far the best thing to do with kids in Namibia is take a safari. Etosha has a range of habitats, from salt pans to grassy plains, and the kids will delight in spotting lions, elegant oryx and all manner of antelope here. 

Embark on a guided nature walk

In the Wartberg Plateau area, take a walk with a local Khoisan guide to learn about indigenous life in Namibia and the land they live on. The whole family will be enthralled, as you'll learn about identifying different animal droppings and how to track various kinds of wildlife.

Climb spectacular sand dunes

The Namib Desert’s dunes are some of the world's biggest. Kids can romp on the slopes or hike to the top of Big Daddy Dune. The views from the top of this highest dune are incredible, and the trip down the other side is fun for everyone, with sand boarding available in some areas. Head to Sossusvlei and and Deadvlei to see mineral pans and thousand-year-old petrified trees. 

Spot seals at Cape Cross

Cape Cross is a top highlight in Namibia for kids. Take a kayak or catamaran trip to see the world's largest Cape fur seal colony in their natural habitat. You'll be amazed by the sheer number of seals on the beach and in the water all around you. Don’t step on their poo, whatever you do, as it really stinks! 

Tips for planning a family vacation in Namibia

When planning a family vacation in Namibia, be sure to book your accommodation months in advance, as many of the lodges suited for young children fill up very quickly. The best way to travel as a family is by car, so hire a vehicle and self-drive around this vast and beautiful country to see all its highlights.

When to go in Namibia?

The best time to go to Namibia is during the dry season, between April and November: it's warm and sunny throughout the country. Those readers with allergies would be better off, however, putting off their trip until the first few weeks of November or the month of April: there may be showers here and there, but they won't stop you enjoying the trip and you'll run into fewer tourists. Do make sure, however, to avoid the rainy season.
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