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An update from Evaneos
The Maldives

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in The Maldives

For a holiday in the Maldives, perhaps you think that you only need a swimsuit and a sarong? You're not wrong. But in reality, you'll need other things, all the same, to enjoy this fantastic trip to the fullest.

On the clothing side of things, you'll need lots of light pieces to withstand the temperatures and the sun, which will inundate you during your stay. You've seen it, your main activity in the Maldives will centre on the sea. As a result, it's inconceivable to arrive without your swimsuit and your sarong or beach towel. When you've had enough of lying on the beach sipping cocktails, you'll surely, at one time or another, want to discover the incredible sea beds. Unless you're really attached to them, don't needlessly fill up your case with your mask and snorkel. You'll always find them on site.

In your first-aid kit, in addition to classic medicines to treat your daily knocks, you'll inevitably need to take with you a high-quality sun cream. It will be a shame to get burned on your first day on the beach and then spend the rest of the trip in your room tending to your sunburn with large amounts of Biafine. Tube of sun cream or tube of Biafine, the choice is clear.

To bring back permanent souvenirs of this magical holiday, don't set off without a camera or a video camera and more than enough memory cards to store them all. The trip can also be the perfect opportunity to invest in one of those cameras which allow you to take photos of the sea beds. It's always prudent to have a photocopy or scan of your passport with you. It's extremely useful in case of loss. You'll need a bank card for your withdrawals and payments.

To pack in your suitcase:

  1. A camera or a video camera, ideally waterproof for the sea beds
  2. A bank card for your withdrawals and payments
  3. A photocopy or a scan of your passport, which is extremely useful in case you lose the original
  4. Medication for digestive complaints (which can ruin your trip)
  5. A good sun cream to tan safely
  6. A first-aid kit for everyday cuts and bruises
  7. Diving material (mask, snorkel) to explore the sea beds
  8. Your swimsuit, sunglasses, a towel or a sarong, and a hat
  9. Thin and light clothing for high temperatures
  10. An adapter for plug sockets which don't take your appliances
  11. Your prescription if you're travelling with a lot of medication
  12. A notebook and a pen to write down your impressions of the trip
David Debrincat
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