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An update from Evaneos

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Lebanon

One thing's for sure: a holiday in Lebanon is not usually a typical tourist destination. If you forget to put something in your suitcase, it can be difficult to find what you need once you're out there.

As for your clothes, be aware that Lebanon's climate is a Mediterranean one. Temperatures can easily reach 35°C and the sun shines in a beautiful blue sky for around 300 days a year. So you'll need light clothing to help you withstand the heat. Don't wear anything too short, that doesn't happen in Lebanon. Especially where ladies are concerned, you should avoid plunging necklines, bare arms and shoulders, as well as shorts which reveal your legs. The same goes for men if you want to visit a religious site. On the beach, swimsuits are accepted, but remember to be decent. Avoid bikinis which are too small even if they make you look great. As well as your flip-flops, add a good pair of walking shoes for hiking.

Carefully prepare your first-aid kit, as it can be difficult to find things that you need while you're out there. As well as conventional medication to alleviate those everyday problems, add a good sun cream so you can get a tan safely without getting sun burned.

To capture those wonderful memories and show everybody how magnificent Lebanon is upon your return, you'll need a camera. Hopefully you won't need it, but slip a photocopy of your passport into your suitcase. Always useful in case you lose the original. A debit card is essential for withdrawing money and making payments in some establishments.

Finally, you'll need a fantastic spirit of adventure for discovering this destination and its people who long to be better known.

What to put in your suitcase

  1. An international licence so you can hire and drive a vehicle
  2. A camera to capture those wonderful memories
  3. A debit card for withdrawing money
  4. A photocopy of your passport, handy if you lose the original
  5. Some sun cream so you don't end up as red as a tomato
  6. A mosquito repellent
  7. A well-equipped first-aid kit for those everyday minor problems
  8. Some flip-flops for the beach and some walking shoes for hikes
  9. Your swimsuit so you can enjoy the beach
  10. Some long clothing so you can visit religious sites
  11. Some light clothing to help you withstand the scorching temperatures
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