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What to do in India?

A country with the size of a continent, India fascinates and will always leave you wanting more. From the intensity of the tropical beaches to the salty lakes of the Himalayas, via the ice deserts of Ladakh or temples of the Maharadjahs of Rajastan, the list of majestic places could go on eternally. Travelling in India is a concentration of unique experiences, whether through its incomparable landscapes, its vibrant cities or unexpected encounters. And there is also the beauty of life, with its exceptional tones and colours. The omnipresent music, from the bells on the women’s feet to the litanies escaping from the temples; the sparkling colours of the saris and bright colours of the turbans. An unequalled energy, bright and frank glances, coupled with hearty and generous smiles. Would you like to travel to India, off the beaten tracks, where you long to find calm and pleasure? Don’t look any further! With Evaneos Travel, you create the holiday that suits you. You will discover the foothills of the Tibetan Himalayas during a road trip on a motorbike, or you could let yourself be bewitched by the charms of Rajasthan or the Taj Mahal in complete luxury. All different types of holidays in India are but a few clicks away.

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