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glamping in costa rica
night glamping in costa rica

Glamp on the island paradise of Jesusita

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Have you ever heard of glamping? A combination of glamor and classic camping, glamping entails overnight stays in luxurious tents with king-sized beds, private bathrooms, and terraces on which you can soak up the unspoiled scenery.

Located in the Nicoya Gulf, Jesusita Island combines the best of the Pacific Ocean and tropical forest, making it an ideal spot for your first glamping experience. A collection of 15 cutting-edge, fully-equipped tents promises visitors pure relaxation during their stay. Its location allows for a range of activities, including kayaking, paddling excursions, birdwatching tours, and sea fishing with the local fishing community.

There's also hiking in the Curù animal preserve, and boat trips to Nicoya Gulf's beautiful, wild beaches.

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