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Two sheeps in a sunset. Ireland.
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Harbor seal (Phoca vitulina vitulina)
Photographer in Latrabjarg Cliffs, Westfjords, Iceland

Observe Ireland's wildlife


You can’t explore the Irish wilderness without discovering its wildlife. The variety of species living on the island and its islets may surprise you. From Kilmore in the southeast, board a ferry to the Saltee Islands, a tranquil seabird sanctuary inhabited by puffins and other birds.

If you're traveling in Northern Ireland, you’ll spot these seabirds as you arrive on Rathlin Island. Guillemots, penguins, and fulmars are just some of the feathered friends you’ll see on a photo safari, along with two seal species. As you travel around the island, you may even be lucky enough to spot a hare.

Whale lovers, ask your local Evaneos agent what the best time of year to see rorqual, minke, and humpback whales is. We can help you plan a guided boat trip to meet these friendly marine mammals.

On land, make your way to the southwestern part of the island and opt for a hike, with or without a guide, in Killarney National Park. Here is where you can catch a glimpse of the country's only herd of native red deer, who arrived here on their own thousands of years ago.

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