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windsurf in Ireland
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Teenage boys Leaving the sea with their Oars and their kayaks after having fun and racing each other in the sea
Inch Beach in Kerry County, Ireland

Explore the Irish coastline along the water's edge


Ireland offers a host of opportunities for water sports lovers. Ready for a refreshing swim? Opt for the invigorating Atlantic Ocean or the country’s rivers and lakes. And if you’re looking for an adventure, try and coastal canyoning, or ride the waves with your surfboard. 

Connemara, in the westernmost part of the country, is the ideal region for kayaking. Explore sea caves along the rugged coastline or cruise one of its quiet lakes, like the vast Lough Corrib in County Galway. Your local agent can help you find the perfect time to take the plunge. Select the evening when the sky glows with shades of orange.

Strandhill Beach in County Sligo is home to a wild stretch, which is a favorite among surfers. Beginners, make your way to the surfing school here to learn the basics. For a gentler activity close to nature, go whale watching in County Cork. Contact one of our agents to choose an outing that respects the local flora and fauna.

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