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The City Hall Belfast and the 'Belfast Eye'
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Alleyway in Belfast cathedral quarter
Long Exposure over the Lagan River over to the Custom House in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Immerse yourself in Northern Ireland’s history in Belfast


Dubbed an artistic and commercial center, Belfast bears witness to the city’s history. Riding in a traditional black taxi, explore the graffiti and frescoes that adorn the peace walls. These large concrete and steel barriers, which were erected to preserve the peace between communities, have become spaces for expression and activism via urban art. They tell the story of the Troubles, the political conflict that troubled Northern Ireland and its capital for 30 years. Why not arrange a guided tour with a local Evaneos agent to better understand its history?

The Belfast Shipyards, which are now closed, once played a key role in the city’s development and birthed the Titanic. Visit the Titanic Belfast, a museum whose architecture is inspired by the ships’ prows that came out of the city’s workshops. As you walk through Donegall Square, the largest in the center, you'll see a memorial dedicated to the shipwreck’s victims. From this square, pedestrian streets lead out into the city center. Stroll along its roads via the entrances and covered walkways that connect them.

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