Dark Hedges, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK
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Family sightseeing in Ireland park
Miniature fairy house in Bunratty park. Ireland

Let yourself be charmed by Celtic and Irish legends


Ireland’s age-old storytelling tradition is still alive and kicking. It’s not uncommon to visit a local pub and see storytellers captivating their audiences with mythical tales and fabulous Celtic legends.

Stop off at The Brazen Head, one of Dublin's oldest pubs, and take part in an evening of storytelling. This spoken presentation lets the audience in on tales that include leprechauns, haunted castles, and fantastic heroes, like Fionn mac Cumhaill, the creator of the Giant's Causeway. 

Then, visit the annual Cape Clear Island International Storytelling Festival to celebrate this art form with other enthusiasts. Elsewhere in the country, guides often recount the history of the places you visit and the myths that surround them, bringing these must-see sites to life. Learn all about the Newgrange neolithic site, a tomb dating back to 3,200 BC about 30 miles from Dublin.

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